Whose Cellar?

We work with our Experts to find the amazing stuff. We Will taste the tried and true, the what's new, the unpronounceables, the old favs, then we will take notes.  We will compare, and even turn up our noses in mock snobbery.  After all, we are... 

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"Wine is Bottled Poetry"                    -Robert Louis Stevenson

As the Worm Turns

Cecile Wine & Only is our Wine Club and Tasting Lounge intending to educate, entertain & influence a wine culture. Our Founder Cecile levee who has over 30 years of international experience as a Food & Beverage Professional, a Restauranteur, an Interior & Furniture Designer, Writer, Children's Book Author, and Entrepreneur or as she calls herself a "Multipotentialite."   Cecile knows her way around Wines, as a Consultant, Buyer, Retailer, Swirler, Snifter, Taster and Collector.

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