You Had Me At Merlot...

The merlot is the second most planted grape in the entire world. Merlot directly translates to The Little Black Bird which is extremely fitting not only because of the beautiful black and blue colour of the grape but also because it is a soft and easy red wine. A merlot is especially fitting for someone who is new to drinking red wine as it is friendly and not intimidating at all. It is extremely smooth and goes down well by itself or paired with food, which we will get into later. At first sip your palette will explode with hints of berries and plum, leaving a sweetness in your mouth…think of a bite of your favorite Christmas cake. It doesn’t stop there, a merlot is more sophisticated than that. Merlots are so popular because the flavor is appealing to a variety of palettes, a merlot can be fruity as mentioned before but when they are barrel-aged their flavors mimic tobacco and are more oaky. Now let’s get to the food a merlot pairs well with chicken, light meats and lightly spiced dark meats. For example our roast chicken or succulent, fall of the bone lamb chops. Avoid pairing with spicy foods as they will overwhelm the flavor of the merlot.

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