About Wine With Me

Wine With Me by Cecile Levee, is Jamaica's first Wine Bar, Negril's only Wine Bar and the 2008 winner of Jamaica Observer best Wine List, 2018 nominee for Jamaica Observer "Best Stirring The Pot Experience". 2018 nominee for Jamaica Observer "Best Wine experience.

Our purpose is to have everyone drinking and enjoying wines everyday. We intend to teach, to learn, to laugh,

to eat a lot, to drink copious amounts of wines. We will search and research every part of the globe. We will try to find and taste all varietals. We will explore all body types; light weight, medium built and all the full bodies and heavy weights we can manage. 

We will sniff. We will swirl, we will chew, we will pucker, but we will never spit.

We will always swallow.

We will swallow Amarone, Barbera, Rioja, Malbec, Cabs, Pinots, Sauternes, Viognier, Chardonnay, Chablis...

We will talks about legs, tannins, bouquet, age...of course not mine.

We will talk, then drink, talk, then drink. talk, them drink, then drink, drink, drink and drink.

We are a Wine Experience, not a motivational seminar, drinking wines is what we do.

People are talking about us...


The Jamaica Observer

"Make no mistake: Levee is the spotlight, and her staff, wines and gastronomical delights the supporting cast."


The Jamaica Observer

"Indeed, many have already applauded the initiative, declaring it to be “what Negril was missing… something a little more sophisticated”. "


Trip Advisor User

"Best wine selection in Negril I feel confident in saying"

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